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Job Information

Shaw Industries Inc Heat Set Technician - Night Shift $22.25 in Thomson, Georgia

Job Title

Heat Set Technician - Night Shift $22.25

Position Overview

To provide mechanical support to the Superba area of the Heatset Department. Perform daily specification sheet. (RQF5210 (http://hqms/doc.asp?dn=22-RQF5210) )

Perform Out of Spec Condition Procedure. Investigate reasons for all tunnel stops. On yarn hang backs remove and waste yarn from Prebulker (H.E.P.) Perform Daily Technician PM Check Sheet. (RQF5231 (http://hqms/doc.asp?dn=22-RQF5231) ) Perform P.M. sheets on assigned tunnels monthly S1-RQF5237 (http://hqms/doc.asp?dn=22-RQF5237) , S2-RQF5238 (http://hqms/doc.asp?dn=22-RQF5238) , S3-RQF5239 (http://hqms/doc.asp?dn=22-RQF5239) , S4-RQF5241 (http://hqms/doc.asp?dn=22-RQF5241) , S5-RQF5240 (http://hqms/doc.asp?dn=22-RQF5240) Perform necessary specification changes during a lot change (RQF5221 (http://hqms/doc.asp?dn=22-RQF5221) ). Record information on Lot Change Form and turn in to supervisor. Answer double whistles.

Assists in rebuilding Frieze Unit as needed.

Perform Superba Cold Start-Up Sheet. (RQF5223 (http://hqms/doc.asp?dn=22-RQF5223) ) Perform any Mechanical repairs as they occur. Complete Superba downtime form (RQF5232 (http://hqms/doc.asp?dn=22-RQF5232) ) and turn in to the Supervisor at the end of shift.

Perform profile checks on tunnels.

Clean / repair U buggies as assigned.

Non-Essential Duties (considering job knowledge, job environment, effort, manipulative skill, judgment, safety knowledge, and responsibility):

1. Assists other Heatset department personnel as needed.

Physical Requirements:

1. Ability to sit, stand, or walk for eight (8) to twelve (12) hours. 2. Ability to bend, stoop, squat, lift, carry, and reach frequently. 3. Ability to lift packages weighing up to seventy-five (75) pounds frequently.

Work Shift

12 Hr rotating shift, Hrs fall to in punch day, Act Calendar, shift starts PM, days change only

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